WATCH: This is How a Filipino 17-year-old From Texas Asks Pia Wurtzbach to Prom

The Junior-Senior or JS Prom is a much-anticipated event for High School students. This is a formal gathering with boys in tuxedos and girls in stunning dresses with corsages on their wrists.

Usually, this is where the boys ask their special someone to be their date to the prom. Surprisingly enough, a Filipino 17-year-old Jerel Labra from Texas had the “guts” to ask the Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach, to be his prom date on April 23rd.

17 year old promposal

Jerel started his video by introducing himself and congratulating the Filipino-German beauty queen for winning the prestigious international beauty pageant, reports Philippine Star.

After which, he popped the question:

“I may not be as handsome as James Franco or as funny as Seth Rogen, or may be as ripped as Channing Tatum, but I can say this. I am a runner up. This is my question for you. Pia, will you go to prom with me on April 23rd?”

Watch the super kilig video below!

Pia, on the other hand, responded and appreciated the gesture. She said she would love to go if schedule permits.

Watch Pia’s response below:

Good luck, Jerel!! Hopefully, Pia’s schedule permits your request, that would be lovely!

*fist bump* Jerel!

Would you have the guts to ask someone popular to go out on a date? Share your answers below!


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