WATCH: This Guitar Cover Of “Torete” Is The Perfect Soundtrack For The Sweater Weather

It has been more than 15 years since Moonstar88’s big hit song “Torete” became the anthem of every lovesick Pinoy. “Torete” was such a crowd favorite for many of us during our elementary and high school days. It was sweet and catchy and quite timeless.

Now, it can again be heard on the airwaves because of the remake which was sung by Moira dela Torre for the soundtrack of the latest JoshLia film, Love You To The Stars And Back.

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For those of you who just can’t get enough of the song (including me, tbh), we’ve found the perfect version to listen to during this sweater weather. If you thought Moira’s version was chilling enough, grab a jacket because this will make you shiver.

Pinoy YouTuber and musician Ralph Jay Triumfo shared his own version of “Torete”–a guitar cover.

Check it out below:

More than the beautiful rendition of an equally amazing song, it was a perfect display of Ralph’s talent with the guitar. He has been doing covers for a number of years now, by the way! Be sure to check them out on his YouTube channel!

I’m loving “Torete” a lot more and more!

What did you think of this cover? Have you seen other covers worth sharing? Comment down below!

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