WATCH: This Avengers spoof of ‘Thank U, Next’ is the best thing you never knew you needed

Parodies and memes of Ariana Grande’s hit ‘Thank U, Next’ might have been showing up by the ton, but they can all go home now. We’ve finally found a winner.

Youtube’s Azerzz put out his own version of the song, starring the world’s mightiest heroes. Just in time to coincide with the recent release of the ‘Avengers: Endgame’ trailer, this one hits us right in the feels. It takes us through the last few, painful minutes of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ all over again.

The video is titled ‘Now We’re Dust’ but you have to read it to the tune of the song to get it. It goes through the list of heroes we’ve lost, just like the original song does. Except here, they’re gone because they’ve turned to, well, dust.

Sung by “Black Panther” the video shows his perspective of events, like how he “thought he could defeat Thanos / but he’s purple and big.” Check out the video below to fully appreciate this:

The part that still gets me is “Peter said he wasn’t feeling good.” Which part was your favorite? 


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