WATCH: These Videos Show The Disturbing Situation Of Our Public Transport

Commuting from our homes to our respective offices will never be easy given the current state of the public transportation system in our country. People struggle every single day from falling in line to get a ticket, up to gasping for air inside a very crowded and sweaty train.

You might think that riding the MRT during the rush hour, on a Friday, that falls directly on a pay day, is one of the hardest things you have to face this month. Well in the PNR train, it gets worse.

Marjohn Dimla Camo shared his experience in riding the PNR and how surviving it made him feel stronger.

We can see in the videos that the people are really struggling even to the point that they opt to climb the baggage courier just for a gasp of air.

In his post, he mentioned that he witnessed all kinds of emotions from other passengers; the anger at those who were still insisting on riding despite the train already being full, the anguish of those who just wanted to breath, the panic of those who needed to get off but couldn’t because it was just too difficult to move and of course, the happiness and relief of those who actually managed to get off.Although commuting through the PNR is an extreme challenge, commuters often relive their experience as something that they are proud of.

However, we still hope that our public transportation system could improve so that our fellow citizens wouldn’t have to deal with this kind of inconvenience.

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