WATCH: The Stranger Things 3 trailer has the kids all grown up

I guess this is something we should have all been ready for: the Stranger Things kids are growing up. We saw some hints of it in Season 2 with the progressively mature themes, but it looks like this reality is coming out in full force next season — the group is fighting, the girls are going to the mall, and The Who’s “Teenage Wasteland” plays not-so-subtly in the background.

(There’s going to be a “Stranger Things” prequel featuring Eleven’s mother!)

While it shouldn’t really be surprising, it’s a little bittersweet to see the literal babies we gushed over in season 1 finally coming of age. Of course, that’s only one part of what’s to come in season 3. We also get glimpses of the usual: scary flesh monster, dangerous powers, and ominous foreshadowing.


Netflix also teased a handful of new stills:

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Stranger Things season 3 comes out July 4 on Netflix.

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