WATCH: Taylor Swift is Back With a New Music Video for Her Single, ‘Me!’

Taylor Swift has been hinting at something big on her Twitter account for a while now and it looks like our best expectations have been confirmed! A new single and accompanying music video have just been released by the multi-award winning Artist. She announced the release on Good Morning America some hours before it premiered online.

A lot of fuss has been made about Taylor Swift turning back to her roots and mirroring the version of herself during her Fearless and Speak Now era. The music video certainly makes a nod to that, at least aesthetically. Its colors and set pieces are much softer than anything we’ve seen from Red onwards and definitely softer as compared to Reputation. 

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But in terms of how it sounds? Well, that’s another story. It’s still a much more mature sound than her earlier albums but without the angst of the newer ones. The song itself was co-written with Joel Little, who has worked on Lorde’s Pure Heroine and songs by Khalid, Sam Smith, and Imagine Dragons. Of course, Brendon Urie is featured in the single as well.

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You can watch the music video below:

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