WATCH: A ‘Special Look’ at Captain Marvel

It seems like the trailers Marvel Studios is releasing for the anticipated “Captain Marvel” just keep getting better and better. The last trailer we got finally revealed a bit more about Carol Danver’s background and what was set to happen in the film. This one shows that we’re in for a whole lot of fun.

If some fans were complaining that Brie Larson seemed stiff and emotionless in the previous trailers, then this ‘Special Look’ directly addresses that. The new trailer shows off Captain Marvel’s snarky humor — she even faces off against Nick Fury with quips and snide remarks. You can watch the entire trailer below:

Another surprise from Marvel Studios was three new posters for the movie. They were created to promote the movie’s release in Dolby 3D and IMAX. Check them out below!

Were you able to catch anything new in this trailer? 

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