WATCH: Short Story By 2016 MMFF Entry ‘Saving Sally’

Have you heard of ‘Saving Sally’?

Yup, the romantic-comedy film entry for 2016’s Metro Manila Film Festival.

‘Saving Sally’ is one of the independent films that got into this year’s prestigious festival. It is an awe-striking combination of live action and animation which is one of the few of its kind in the Philippines. Not to mention, its production actually took teeeeeen long years of hard work, skills and talent.

Just recently, the creators of ‘Saving Sally’ also produced a short film, entitled ‘The Girl and The World’ as a loving tribute to The Little Prince. Watch this.

The story was about a boy who knew a girl who carried the world on her shoulders.

Everyday, he would ask her if she needed help, but she’d always reply saying “No, thank you. It’s not that big.”, and the world would grow a little bigger. One day, he gave her a present, a heart. However, she declined saying she couldn’t bear to hold anything else anymore given the world on her shoulders. The next day, the girl was gone. And so, the boy looked for her everywhere; and when he found her, he gave her the heart and helped her carry the world.

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