LOOK: An MMFF 2016 Movie Pop Quiz! How Many Will You Be Able To Answer?

This year’s Metro Manila Film Festival has made news for the unusual movie picks that ended up as part of the festival line up. Very apparent in this year’s roster was the absence of usual ‘masa’ hits like Enteng Kabisote, Shake Rattle and Roll, and whatever Vice Ganda flick there is. Although this surprising move has earned the criticism of some in the industry – notably those whose movies are usually shown in said festival, there are those who are excited for the changes in the film fest.
One guy decided to come up with a quiz for the showing films!
Full text reads:

Class, Bring Out One-Fourth Sheet of Paper
(or Guide Questions for Lazy Mentors to MMFF 2016’s Magic 8!)

*** NO SPOILERS, proceed freely ***

1). ANG BABAE SA SEPTIK TANK satirized the lure of international filmfest recognition for local indies, what aspect of Pinoy PopCult is this sequel spotlighting? (see ANG BABAE SA SEPTIK TANK 2 by Marlon Rivera)

2). Is contemporary Pinoy society ready for the Trans Experience? Briefly explain. (see DIE BEAUTIFUL by Jun Robles Lana)

3). What is more important: the Environment or the need for lower-income Pinoys to make a living? (see ORO by Alvin Yapan)

4). How far are you willing to go to make someone you love happy? (see both VINCE & KATH & JAMES by Theodore Boborol and SAVING SALLY by Avid Liongoren)

5). Why is the inclusion of the nonfiction film SUNDAY BEAUTY QUEEN in this year’s edition of the MMFF groundbreaking? (see SUNDAY BEAUTY QUEEN by Babyruth Villarama-Gutierrez)

6). Is Pinoy Animation ready to conquer the world? (see SAVING SALLY by Avid Liongoren)

7). What’s your take on Extra-Judicial Killings? Kindly expound. (see KABISERA by Arturo San Agustin & Real Florido)

… finally

8). What’s the last scene of SEKLUSYON telling us about Pinoy culture? (see SEKLUSYON by Erik Matti)

Bawal kopyahan! SEE ALL FILMS (WITH THE WHOLE BARANGGAY) yourself!

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Try to answer this MMFF quiz with us! It should be fun!