WATCH: What It’s Like Sandboarding Around La Paz and Paoay Ilocos

Kyrke Jaleco is a travel filmmaker who basically likes to tell stories through film. He recently shared this super cool video with us of his day trip with friends to La Paz Sand Dunes in Ilocos Norte. Their main agenda for the day was sandboarding, but little did they know that they would enjoy not just the activities offered in the area, but mostly the scenery. Check out the stunning video here:

Kyrke shares, “We arrived earlier than expected and we waited and took a rest for 3 hours before the locals who were operating the 4×4 and sandboarding arrived. We immediately asked for the rates and rented an open 4×4 that will drive around the trail. As we positioned ourselves at the back of the vehicle, without any harness or belts to keep us safe, we held on to the bars and sides of the 4×4. We did not expect the ride to be literally like a roller coaster ride. And every time we would scream/shout louder, the more that the driver would pass through bumpy areas wildly.

There were also long and high drops that felt like you could be thrown from the vehicle if you don’t hold tightly. There were also three stops along the trail where we could take photos, and the surroundings were tremendously remarkable. Wide range of land covered with sand, an area full of tall grass and a view overseeing the sea were the astonishing areas we appreciated the most. We took as many photos as we could and flew the drone around to view the rest of the area.

Our last stop was where we started, the sandboarding area. We had unlimited privileges in sandboarding and we started with sitting down on the board before we tried standing up. The morning was quite warm and it was tiring to go up from where you would end sandboarding, so even though it was unlimited, we only had a few rounds. Before ending our daytrip, we passed by Paoay Sand Dunes and took photos and videos while we marvelled at the beauty of the place.”

Have you been here before? Is it really as stunning as the video makes it look? 🙂