WATCH: Next Time You’re Stuck in Traffic, You Might Want to Sing With Your Wiper

It’s been “carmageddon” out in the roads these past days because of the weather. Usual travel time multiplied twice or even thrice which definitely got us all drained inside our own cars or PUVs.

With the hype of Pokemon Go on its first week, lots of commuters and daily hustlers used it to keep themselves entertained while stuck on traffic. Meanwhile, others made use of ebooks, series, songs, and movies in their devices, or they made use of the time to sleep for a while.

Meanwhile, there’s Zach Lucero, and this is his own version of entertainment:

Disclaimer: This video was done prior to the passing of the Anti Distraction Law

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Okay, now we know what we’re gonna do next. Lol! But anyway, keep safe out in the rainy weather, you guys! As much as possible, if the trip’s not that important, please stay indoors. We can’t tell what’s going to happen out in the roads anymore, with all the flooding and what not.

What songs would be best sung with the beat of the wiper? Let us know!


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