WATCH: Moana’s ‘How Far I’ll Go’ Sung by an Acapella Group is Pure Magic

Disney’s ocean-centered film Moana is a tale that has captured the hearts of many people all across the globe since it came out in the theaters last in November 2016. It is about a young princess of an island tribe in the Pacific who is set to someday soon take over the leadership in the island. But her heart was pointing her elsewhere. To the sea.

Aside from the captivating plot of the film that surely many nature-lovers (ocean children, most of especially) resonated with, the film, as with most Disney films, was laden with incredibly well-written songs.

Songs that are not only apt for the movie, but tell deeper stories that anyone could easily relate to.

One of the main songs in the film is ‘How Far I’ll Go’ — a song so well-received that it has been translated to various languages, and performed by artists and groups everywhere in the internet.

Acapella singing group Voctave surely hopped in with the bandwagon, only their version won’t simply disappear with the rest. As always, Voctave’s rendition comes with so much soul, that it stays with you until after the track has come to a halt.

Watch their moving performance of How Far I’ll Go below:

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