WATCH: Meet the New Basketball (Anti) Hero Who’s Taken the Streets!

There’s a new hero on the streets.

Or is he? In this new installment to Nino Ventura’s LIL FLASH, everyone’s beloved basketball hero, LILFLASH, meets his match when an unknown character in a striking yellow suit (i.e. spandex) appears and takes it to the street to display his unparalleled speed in basketball.

Everyone is impressed by this new, quick-as-lightning baskteball hero, but the big question is, is he really friend or foe? With the elusive, mysterious persona of this man-in-yellow, there really is only one way to find out. A face-off.

Be thrilled, be intrigued, but most of all, be entertained with a little exhibition of speed, agility, and accuracy in the court, which will exactly be what you’ll find in this short film.

Watch below:



Hype Streetball Presents: LIL FLASH Episode 2 – A Villain is Born
A Nino Ventura Film
Main Actor, Nino Ventura as “LILFLASH,” with special guests: MoyMoy Palaboy (James Macasero) and Mike Swift. Written by Nino Ventura, and directed by Nino Ventura and Angelo Moratillo.
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