WATCH: Kids of an OFW father get the biggest surprise of their life!

Oh, the sacrifices our parents make for us children – all for love!

Recently, these two kids got the biggest surprise of their life while dining in a Filipino restaurant. What seemed to be a happy meal shared among them siblings and their mom would be one of the happiest and biggest surprises of their life.

Shell Nosyas shared on her Facebook account her children’s priceless reactions when they realized that the waiter attended to them turned out to be their father, who went home from Qatar, where he works.

Nosyas shared how happy she was that the restaurant was up for the surprise idea, where the father dressed up as one of the waiters to eventually surprise his kids about his homecoming.

It has been reported that her husband, Mario Sayson, works as an electrician for a construction company in Qatar. The children also haven’t seen their father for three years.

Prepare those tissues and watch the video above!

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