WATCH: Kendra and Scarlett Kramer’s video call with iKON’s “Uncle Bobby”

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Korean boy group iKON performed at Cove Manila last Tuesday night for the launch of Samsung Galaxy S10 and also to reveal online game Fortnite’s exclusive skin, modeled after iKON’s Chanwoo, for the new phone’s users.

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During the event, the boys performed their hit tracks “Love Scenario,” “Killing Me,” and “Bling Bling.

” They also gamely interacted with the crowd by taking video selfies using the audiences’ phones.


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One of the phones that caught the attention of member Bobby was Doug Kramer’s phone which shows a video call with his daughters, Kendra and Scarlett. The two girls are known to be super fans of iKON’s Bobby!

Watch the video below:

Adorable, right?