WATCH: Jerrold Tarog Releases Trailer For Psychological Thriller ‘Bliss’

Film director Jerrold Tarog is one of the most renowned Filipino directors of this era. He first made his name known with his breathtaking historical epic, Heneral Luna. Audiences admired Tarog for his beautiful craftsmanship and for the spectacular visuals he used to tell the story of the Filipino General.

This year, Jerrold Tarog will be releasing a new film that will surely cause a buzz in the industry.

Bliss is a psychological thriller starring Iza Calzado as a 30-something actress who strives to produce her own film for the industry to take her seriously. The film delves into the unknowns between reality and dreams.

Check out the chilling trailer below:

Tarog shares with CNN Philippines that Bliss was truly a challenging film to produce because of its non-linear nature. He also shares that since it juxtaposes both dreams and realities, there is really no end to the visual possibilities of the film.

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Iza Calzado also shares that she was excited to be part of the film because of her love for psycho-thrillers and because she wanted to work with Jerrold Tarog after the success of his Heneral Luna.

Bliss was premiered in the 2017 Osaka Asian Film Festival where it received praise and adoration. Iza Calzado also won the Yakushi Pearl Award for Best Performer in the festival.

The psycho-thriller is set to premiere in the country on May 10, 2017.

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