WATCH: Inspiring Video of a 5-Year-Old Girl Accompanying Her Blind Father Has Gone Viral

Our dose of inspiration for today is courtesy of a 5-year-old girl who was seen accompanying her blind father.

little girl accompanies blind dad

The video was originally uploaded by Rhuby Capunes. In the video, you will see the little girl walking her blind father to the farm. In fact, Rhuby named the video: THE QUEST (The Blind Farmer-Laborer) The owner of the video further stated that the family lives at BRGY. Hindangan Sogod So. in Leyte.


This is the story of [a] blind man named ”DODONG” together with his 5-year old daughter, at her young age she keeps on helping her father to guide his way to the farm and way back home. Please try to help them by sharing this video. This is an inspiration to all.

Based on Rhuby’s Facebook account, it seems that she documented the family on a daily basis. There was one video that showed Kuya Dodong preparing food for them. The video has been viewed over more than a million times. With that, a lot of Netizens have already offered monetary support.

Some netizens sent the support through remittances, while others sent some dry goods, etc.

This made my day. Not the fact that the dad is blind and the little girl walks him to the farm, but the Filipino spirit is present. Everyone was supportive and all praises to them.

Thank you, Rhuby for helping the family.

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