WATCH: Guy Tries to Take a Creep Shot But the Phone Camera’s Flash Fails Him

In the past and up until now, catcalling or unwarranted attention from strangers (usually men) while on the street has never been okay. Although many try to ignore it, there are recipients who feel embarrassed, insulted, and at times, harassed when catcalled.

Now, the feeling of getting harassed seems to be taken up a notch and it’s just downright rude, pervy, and creepy.

On YouTube, a netizen shared a video of a guy who tried to take a creep shot while on what looks like an FX, a widely-used public utility vehicle in the metro. However, he was unaware that his phone camera’s flash is turned on and it gave away what he was doing.


For those who would ask why she’s filming him and yet she’s mad that he is taking her photo, a comment on the video said:

Now I know that the reason she was filming him was because the flash was on and she knew what was going on.

Have you encountered something like this while commuting?

What did you do?