WATCH: Family Pet Cat Saves Child From a Dog Attack

Having a family pet is awesome.

You will feel loved and secured. Most often than not, these pets protect us from any harm.

Speaking of “security,” let me show you a footage entitled: “My Cat saved my son.”

my cat saved my son

Screenshot from Jukin Media’s video

In the footage, which appears to be recorded by a CCTV camera, a young boy is seen riding his bike in their driveway, when suddenly a dog attacked the little boy and pulled him off the bike.

ABC News reported that the “hero” who saved the young boy, Jeremy Triantafilo, is their family’s pet cat named Tara.

cat saved son in bakersfield

Photo by ABC and seen on

Tara fearlessly rescued Jeremy from the dog who attacked him while playing in their driveway in Bakersfield, California.

In addition, mentioned that as per his parents, Tara followed them home from a park five years ago. Since then, Tara and their child became close and have built a strong bond, that reflected during the courageous rescue.

Sadly, Jeremy received a bite that needed stitches. However, he had fully recovered.

Watch the video below and get ready to be amazed at her awesomeness!

Video source: Jukin Media YouTube Account

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