LOOK: Heartwarming Photo of a Policeman Being Loved and Missed by Stray Dogs

Do you remember the policeman who fed stray dogs in Guadalupe Nuevo? Here’s a photo to jog your memory:

Police feeding stray dogs

He is known to feed stray dogs with a decent meal. In addition, he takes care of them like his own. According to him, these stray dogs have the right to eat well too. Wouldn’t you agree?

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Police Feeds Dog

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Genuinely, Police Officer Jaime Osit Santos posted another touching photo of him and his best friends. He captioned it with:

Habang nag iinspect po ako ng mga presinto biglang nagpasukan yung mga aso na ating pinakakain sa kalsada para bumati. Miss daw nila ko. Sabi ko kahapon lang kami huling nagkita kita????   
(While inspecting the precinct, these dogs suddenly came up to me to “greet” me. They said they miss me when we were just together yesterday.)
Jaime Osit Santos Policeman feeds stray dogs
Source: Jaime Osit Santos Facebook Page

When does it become a stray or homeless dog?

Significantly, owning or adopting a dog is similar to taking care of a human being. You must nurture them, feed them, protect them, and guide them like your own child/children. Unfortunately, there are irresponsible pet owners who think they can just dump dogs anywhere they want to. And, that’s how dogs become strays. We see them on the streets, God-forbid get hit by a vehicle and that’s it.

How to lessen stray dogs in the streets?

As advised by the Philippine Animal Welfare Society or PAWS,  “keep them to a number that you can responsibly care for AND keep them indoors or on your property at all times.” (Source)

I absolutely agree. Once again, owning a dog is almost like giving birth to a child. You must nurture them like your own.

Ultimately, dogs are obedient, loyal, and protective of their owners. Be it a mutt or a pedigree, they are loving and caring!

After all, “dog is a man’s best friend.”

 Kudos to you, Sir! Isn’t it nice to see something out of the ordinary?