WATCH: Ed Sheeran Fits Maltesers in His Mouth, Sings Justin Bieber and One Direction

This is the moment everyone has been waiting for. Ed Sheeran finally appeared as a musical guest on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke!

Many fans of Sheeran and the show has been asking for this episode, and finally the TV gods have heard us. And, guys, it does not disappoint. I repeat, IT DOES NOT. In the episode, the Grammy winning artist and the talk show host drive around L.A. while singing Ed’s hit songs and more. Including Justin Bieber songs and One Direction’s! The episode started out quite steamy too, kicking off with Ed’s “Shape of You”watch out for Ed messing around with Corden and also admitting he kind of injured Justin Bieber in a golf course. Yikes.

But the best part of this episode? Ed Sheeran fitting Maltesers chocolates in his mouth. James Corden brought the subject up, asking if it is true that Ed can fit 47 Maltesers in his mouth. What do you think? Truth or hoax? James wanted to find out himself too, and thankfully, Ed was more than up for the chocolate challenge.

How many Maltesers do you think Ed can fit in his mouth? Watch the video below to find out. We promise this episode is glorious, and you’ll be laughing out loud.

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Can you beat Ed Sheeran’s Maltesers record?? Talk to us in the comments!

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