Dumb Ways to Vote: A Pinoy Parody of Dumb Ways to Die

Dumb Ways to Vote: A Pinoy Parody of Dumb Ways to Die



Flashback to two years ago: a catchy song with a video of dancing bean-like characters went viral online. The song “Dumb Ways to Die”, which was stuck in my head for weeks during that time, was a public service announcement campaign created by Metro Trains in Australia to promote railway safety.

At present, its YouTube video has already earned 90,000,000++ views.

But if you weren’t one of the 90,000,000++ viewers or if you already forgot it, here it is to refresh your memory:



“I wonder… what does this red button do?”

Anyway, return to the present time: the song and video get a Pinoy parody version entitled “Dumb Ways to Vote”. The Pinoy parody version of “Dumb Ways to Die” was created by Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) Philippines. From its About Page on its YouTube channel, FNF Philippines has the following description.

The official YouTube channel of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Philippine Office. Promoting liberal and democracy in the country through political freedom, human rights, economic freedom and rule-of-law.

Released approximately two years before the 2016 Philippine National Elections, it may be a bit early, but it serves to be a good early reminder for people to register on time and vote wisely.

FNF Philippines describes the video as:

Dumb Ways to Vote is a three-minute animated video on Philippine electoral candidates. It is an entertaining parody on the qualifications of politicians who keep winning elections; a comedian, the corrupt, or even a murderer! Dumb Ways is a reminder that people should vote intelligently. As the country gears up for presidential elections in May 2016, Filipinos can refer to the video as a tick off sheet when they screen candidates. 

Here’s Dumb Ways to Vote:


An English version is also available. Check it out below:


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Dumb Ways to Vote: A Pinoy Parody of Dumb Ways to Die