WATCH: Dolphin Encounters at the Beautiful Negros Island

Have you ever experienced a dolphin encounter before? I haven’t, sadly, but after watching this stunning video posted by Ashley Yee and shared by Mark Roa, I definitely want to head over to Negros Island to check out its beauty and experience a dolphin encounter now. Check it out:

Manjuyod, Negros Island from Ashley Yee on Vimeo.

The caption of the video reads: “Sharing the beauty of Manjuyod, Negros Island like you have never seen before! A 7-kilometer sandbar welcomes you during low tide and a pod of dolphins greets you at the heart of the sea. No better way to spend summer with your family and friends than this. Let’s share and help promote Negros tourism. :)”

Mark adds that they actually decided to make this short clip because their boatman there said that their tourism needs exposure. Here’s to hoping more people get motivated to head on over to Negros Island after watching this! 🙂

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