WATCH: Carpool Karaoke’s Christmas Special is the Best One Yet

James Corden knows how to think ahead.

Decorated with gifts in the backseat, a tree tied to the roof, and a wreath hanging at the rear of his car, it seems James Corden planned this Carpool Karaoke Christmas special way ahead. And he planned it well.

First of all, pop diva Mariah Carey was his guest passenger for the episode. And because this is Carpool Karaoke after all, of course there was singing. And because this is a Christmas episode, what else would Mariah sing but her ever-so-popular holiday song, All I Want for Christmas? But, but, but…

Because this is a special episode, and James Corden is clearly our man, what was supposedly Mariah’s Carpool Karaoke performance turned into a massive duet featuring many of James Corden’s carpool guests this year.

Adele, Chris Martin, Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, and even Sir Elton John! We promise, it’s pretty fantastic and super festive. Watch:

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