George Clooney, Julia Roberts Crash Gwen Stefani’s Carpool Karaoke With James Corden

James Corden’s latest guest on his show’s (The Late Late Show with James Corden) Carpool Karaoke is…

Gwen Stefani.

She joined James on his way to work and they talked about her music. James asked her to explain some lyrics we all had a hard time figuring out . Later on, the two were joined by some surprise stars.

They kicked off Carpool Karaoke with the song “The Sweet Escape.” James knew every word until the part where all of us never knew what or how to sing.

Apparently, these are the words to that part.


Then, the duo were joined by George Clooney and Julia Roberts.

The four belted “Hollaback Girl” next.

Carpool Karaoke ended with “We Are The Champions.”

Watch it below.

Isn’t that one cool Carpool Karaoke?!