Watch and Listen to Samurai Beats with Drum Tao: Art of Drum

When In Manila and looking for Japanese Drum-Touring Samurai to entertain you, be sure to catch Tao Drum: Art of Drum at the Newport Performing Arts Theater, Resorts World Manila from July 12 – 22, 2012.



The critically-acclaimed Drum Tao has performed to audiences of more than 5 million, in 400 cities in 17 countries that include Switzerland, Denmark, Israel, USA, Australia, Spain, Belgium, UK and Germany. Established in 1993, the program will also show ancient traditions of the Taiko Drumming and martial arts mastery all in one well-choreographed production that emits world-renowned Japanese excellence.

You’ve got big drums, medium drums, small drums, and drum that are just right. The biggest drum of all is the 400kg Wadaiko Drum, carried by the 16-strong, highly disciplined crew of Japanese Taiko drummers. Their international performance has its eclectic mix of dance and martial arts to accompany the beating of the Wadaiko Drums.

Other than creating complex rhythms and displaying drumming skills that puts Nick Cannon to shame, the Drum Tao performers also leap around the stage performing intricate choreography, dressed in flowing, traditional garb.

The drum base is complemented by bamboo flutes and a horizontal harp, taking you away to a distant land, alternate artistic universe with their breath-taking and stunning performances.

When In Manila, be moved by the powerful, intensely physical and thrilling Taiko drumming and the softer voices of the Japanese flute and horizontal harp that are Drum Tao. They will transport you in a single and unforgettable universe with their stunning performances. 

To book tickets to Drum Tao: Art of Drum , check out They are only doing 10 shows, so better hurry and buy your ticket now!

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Prize Zone 1 (P3,825)
Prize Zone 2 (P3,400)
Prize Zone 3 (P2,550)
Prize Zone 4 (P2,125)
Prize Zone 5 (P1,275)
Prize Zone 6 (P850)

Tao Drum: Art of Drum



Watch and Listen to Samurai Beats with Drum Tao: Art of Drum


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