WATCH: Eldest among the Amazing 4th Impact Sisters, Almira, whistled like Mariah Carey in the X Factor UK

If you have been following X Factor UK 2015, you would’ve noticed that the amazing Filipina girl group hasn’t sung a slow jam or ballad. This is why, the fans have been requesting for the group to sing one. Finally, the long wait is over. The wonderful and talented quartet performed their own rendition of the classic song, I’ll Be There by the Jackson 5.

4th impact

The judges’ jaws dropped when the eldest among the lovely sisters, Almira, “whistled” like Mariah Carey in the middle of the song! Even more, the Fast and the Furious 6 actress/judge Rita Ora imitated her and tried to whistle, as she was amazed by Almira’s vocals. Moreover, mentor Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, couldn’t contain her happiness towards the ladies and said: “you absolutely nailed that performance.”

Almira of 4th impact

Judge Nick Grimshaw was also amazed and mentioned “And that high note, there’s gonna be like dolphins arriving in Wembley.”

Ultimately, these Filipina singers showcased their versatility to the UK crowd once again!

The results will be out on Monday! Good luck, ladies!

You may watch their second battle mash-up performance here.

Do you think they should be singing more ballad songs in the future? Share your thoughts below!


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