WATCH: A Quick Look on Filipino Martial Arts Use of ‘Espada Y Daga’

The “espada y daga” or the Filipino martial arts way of using the sword and the dagger is a concept from Western swordsmanship.

There are documents in history that shows aristocratic Filipino youths are required to study European fencing in the early 18th century. Hence, the art of  espada y daga is also allegedly popular back then.

In espada y daga, the sword plays the major weapon while the dagger has the supporting role.

Watch the video below showing how espada y daga is used.

According to the Skallagrim’s YouTube post, these are the pros of this weapon combo:

  • Light but balanced for powerful cuts
  • Very comfortable and practical handle
  • Sturdy, durable blade
  • Excellent fit and finish

Apparently, there are no cons that he can find.

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