WATCH: 5 Hilarious Videos from UnGeek’s Helpless Gamer Series

By Charmagne dela Cruz

Are you a fan of reaction videos? Do you enjoy watching people consume horror-themed media despite obviously not being a fan of the genre? Then you should definitely catch UnGeek’s Helpless Gamer series.

The Helpless Gamer setup consists of two players: the Helpless Gamer, who has to wear the virtual reality (VR) headset, and the person who will be controlling the game. The “helpless” from Helpless Gamer comes from the fact that they get the full VR experience without being able to control their character’s movements and are at the mercy of the controlling player’s decisions.

As of now, the series centers on Capcom’s latest installment in their popular, zombie-infested, survival horror franchise, Resident Evil. Resident Evil VII returns the franchise from its action-packed sequels back to a gameplay that is reminiscent of the earlier Resident Evil games that focused heavily on the survival horror aspect, albeit in first-person.

A word of warning: the Resident Evil series is an M-rated (for ages 17 and above) franchise and the videos may contain some violence and strong language.

The Helpless Gamer Ep. 01 – Resident Evil Beginning Hour Demo

The Helpless Gamer pilot episode features some moments worth more than a few chuckles. For starters, the episode’s Helpless Gamer, Colin, isn’t a fan of the genre but he’s strapped on to the headset. The highlight’s of this episode are definitely Colin’s “rage counter” and the intro, where he is told that they would need to re-record due to a technical issue.

Helpless Gamer: Resident Evil 7 [Part 1] – Welcome to the Family, Son!

This episode continues on with the previous episode’s duo, Colin and Brian and this time they are playing the full Resident Evil 7 game, rather than just the demo. This episode’s highlights are Colin’s inability to look straight at the enemy and Brian’s frustrations with that.

Helpless Gamer: Resident Evil 7 [Part 2] feat. TMG – Daddy Issues

Now with a set of different players, this episode branches off from the previous episode, except this time, it’s a different enemy chasing them. The highlights for this are Carlos’s gradual progression from calmly being seated to standing stiffly and Migoy getting irritated at all the different directions being shouted to him by different people.

Helpless Gamer: Resident Evil 7 [Part 3] feat. Seikachu and DC – I. Am. Goop.

Again with a set of different players and a different enemy, but with just as much fun, we continue on with the jumpscares and the need for hiding. The funniest parts of this episode involve blocking against jumpscares and stabbing at the icky walls which might be a spawning source for the non-boss enemies (spoiler alert: those particular walls weren’t).

Helpless Gamer: Resident Evil 7 feat. Eri Neeman and Reimaru Files [Special Episode]

This special episode contains scenes in the game that were already covered in parts 1 and 2 but is just as funny. Eri Neeman’s reactions throughout the gameplay are definitely worth the chuckles.

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