WATCH: Guy Tries Virtual Reality Game in Mall – Reaction = PRICELESS!

I’ve been seeing a lot of virtual reality stations in certain malls recently, but I’ve never tried them because I was never really sure what to expect from them. Now that John Valencia has posted a video of someone trying out one of the horror games, though, I feel the sudden urge to dare my friends to try it out, as well. :p

In the video, a guy tries out a game called DreadOut; and as its name suggests, it’s a horror virtual reality game filled with creepy things that are sure to scare the bejeezus out of you. It may not seem so scary when you watch it in this Facebook video, but I’ve tried virtual reality games before, and the experience is definitely more real – and in this case scarier – because of the closeup 3D factor that comes with it.

Either way, the guy’s reactions in this video are absolutely priceless. Check it out!

Have you ever tried any of these virtual reality game stations in malls before? Share your experiences with us if so!