Want Colored Hair but Don’t Want the Big Spending? The Makeover Lounge is For You

Written by Patricia Yap
Photos by Vivien del Valle 

In recent years, we’ve seen the rise in trend of colored hair among everyday people, and can we just say how good it looks?! Honestly, there’s just something about colored hair that really adds an extra edge and personality to a person; and I think that’s one of the reasons why more and more people are getting in on the bandwagon. 

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However, getting your hair colored doesn’t always come cheap. With people wanting to have their hair dyed nowadays, a lot are also looking for cheaper alternatives to hair coloring—often even sacrificing quality in the process.

But you shouldn’t, and you really don’t have to. If you’re looking to have quality hair transformations without spending an insane amount of money, The Makeover Lounge is for you.

Located in a quiet nook of the Ground Floor of 81 Xavier Residences in San Juan City, the Makeover Lounge is known for their nail care, waxing, and massaging services. Hair dyeing wasn’t even initially offered here until the owner, Fitz Pabalan, said that she got tired of the insane and unreasonable prices other salons offered for hair dyeing. She said she’s also always wanted to offer hair styling in her salon, so she decided to turn this vision into a reality. 

Even though the Makeover Lounge focuses on nail services ranging from express manicures to hand and foot spas, waxing, and massaging services, the real star for me honestly is their hair services. 

Once you step inside, you’ll be greeted by their friendly (and dare I say funny) staff and you’ll be directed to a comfortable seat. Sit back and relax with your complimentary hot tea and let them do the magic for you. 

And as someone who’s never had her hair colored, treated, or anything—literally virgin hair—it was great to have the staff be so patient with me, especially since I wanted to go for a full blue hair color. And getting full blue hair meant long hours of work for them and lots of bleaching. 

I’d personally like to commend their staff. Not only did they provide good service and made my hair look so much better, but they were so patient through it all. So, if you’re new to all this, then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. 


As for my partner, she got herself an amazing brown to grey ashy color that’s perfect for any day and occasion. Speaking of ashy, if you want to achieve this hair trend then you’re in good hands as the Makeover Lounge actually specializes in ashy colored hair. 

From bleaching to hair coloring and styling, you could get all of these for the right price that is catered to your hair. And after you get your hair all dolled up, you can rest easy because they provide treatment right after too, so you know that you’re getting the best quality for your budget! 

They also have organic treatments that are safe for breastfeeding moms and pregnant women! As they say, “Don’t panic, it’s organic!”

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With this new year upon us, you now know where you can go to achieve that “New year, new me” look. After all, our hair is our crowning glory—why not wear it differently this year? So, remember, despite there being really cheap alternatives, look for hidden gems like the Makeover Lounge instead that can provide you with both quality and affordable pricing. 

Now go and flaunt your stuff! 

PS. Here are some of their promos and rates:

Will you get your hair dyed for the new year? What color will you get? Let us know!

The Makeover Lounge PH

Ground Floor, 81 Xavier Residences, 81 Xavier St., Barangay Greenhills, San Juan City
Open Monday to Sunday 11:00AM to 9:00PM

Phone: (02) 7577 2994
Mobile: 0977-832-5866

Website and Social Media:
Website: themakeoverlounge.com.ph
Facebook: www.facebook.com/themakeoverloungeph
Instagram: @themakeoverloungeph 


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