Wanderskye Bagel and Sushi: Your Jet Set Power Adaptor!

Wanderskye Bagel & Sushi

With air fare becoming so reasonable, it is almost possible to travel around the world – with determination and enough patience, that is! I have my fair share of trips in and out the country and one thing is almost constant: sooner or later, my device runs out of juice and there are not enough outlets to charge a mobile phone or two, a tablet, a powerbank, and who knows how many camera battery chargers I decided to bring.

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Wanderskye Bagel & Sushi

Wanderskye, one of our favorite travel brands, ingeniously introduces the Wanderskye Bagel Cord with Sushi Adaptor, which is super useful for suki travellers! Compatible with EU, US, EU and AU sockets, you are covered wherever you decide to go. I can’t wait to try it in Australia in a few months!

Wanderskye Bagel & Sushi


  • 4 Universal Socket
  • 1 US AC Socket
  • 2 USB Ports which supports 2.0A USB Fast Charge for your mobile devices
  • Blue LED Power Indicator
  • Revolutionary Cord Design with Auto-Lock Cord Stoppers to adjust length
  • Retractable Cable
  • Safety Fuse Design


  • Input AC: 100~240V
  • Output DC: 5V 2A
  • AC Power: 630W
  • Optional Multi-Adaptor (EU/UK/AU)
  • Fuse: 6.3A
  • Cable Length: 92 cm
  • Weight: 118 grams

Wanderskye Bagel & Sushi

I still fondly remember the first time I got to visit Singapore during the piso-fare madness a few years ago. Everything was going oh-so-well until I checked in at my hostel by Serangoon Road and found out they have a different socket over there. I was a bit naive then, but something like Wanderskye Bagel Cord with Sushi Adaptor could’ve saved me SG$1 a day of renting an adapter from the hostel (it was a lovely location, though – just a few blocks away from Little India). For Php3,595, this is a good long-term investment especially if you travel across the globe a lot. Just make sure you don’t lose it.

I can feel that this gadget will be a faithful travel buddy, so keep calm – we’re going on an adventure!

Wanderskye Bagel Cord with Sushi Adaptor