Wala ka sa Lola Ko: Elderly Woman Keeps Guests Laughing with Pinoy Jokes

Grandparents are the best! Though they may be old, and sometimes forgetful, they still never fail to make us smile with their silly jokes and “different” way of thinking. I can’t even count the number of times I lost to an argument with my grandmother just because of her own logic (don’t worry, our arguments are mostly just joking around about general topics)

Several months ago, a video of this grandmother cracking several corny/funny jokes was posted on social media. I loved how  she was just on a roll! It recently resurfaced and we just can’t pass the opportunity to share it with you guys. With all the stress on the news these past few days, here’s a little something to make you smile.



*Disclaimer, we do not own this video. If you know the rightful owner or the person in this video, please send us a private message so that we may give them the proper credits.


So what do you think of Lola? Got more jokes for us?