Wake Up to Your Dream Skin With This Plant-Based Ceramide Skin-Renewing Night Cream

Dream the night away while Cera works on your dream skin!

There’s nothing like a good jumpstart to your day than seeing your healthy, natural glow in the morning – all thanks to your evening skincare routine.

While morning skincare is just as important, our skin also needs attention at night because this is when our skin tries to regenerate, rest, and renew. Your nighttime skincare routine should help prepare your skin for the coming day!

Here comes the good news: Human Nature came up with a new nighttime buddy that works hard while you sleep so you can wake up to skin that’s healthy and moisturized: our Ceramide Skin-renewing Night Cream! Infused with plant-based ceramides and natural moisture boosters, this wonderful night cream is the key for you to wake up to your dream skin daily!

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What Ceramides really is: more than a moisturizer

Ceramides make up 50% of our skin’s outer layer. Think of it as a glue that binds our skin cells together to help keep our skin barrier healthy, prevent moisture loss, and protect our skin from external stressors. However, this depletes and degenerates as we age.

Harmful UV rays, pollutants, dehydration, and aging are only some of the stressors that deplete ceramides –leading to moisture loss that disrupts our skin’s regeneration mode at night, breaking down our skin barrier, and making us prone to skin conditions.

Plant-based vs. synthetic ceramides: what’s the difference?

Plant-based ceramides are ingredients naturally sourced from plants, making them safe and absolutely free from harmful chemicals. This helps naturally restore your skin barrier while matching the natural ceramides in your skin. Synthetic ceramides that are usually employed by the beauty industry only mimic the structure of your skin’s natural ceramides and are not made with plants.

Ceramides within your reach!

Not-so-fun fact: a lot of Ceramides-infused products are readily available in today’s market but they’re usually pricey, considering how expensive it is to acquire this ingredient.

Human Nature has now made this essential skincare ingredient accessible for everyone with the newest Ceramide Skin-renewing Night Cream! You can truly feel softer, smoother, and more supple skin the next morning!

Human Nature’s Cera Night Cream saves the night!

Your skin deserves a hardworking partner that allows it to renew, replenish and regenerate while you sleep, and Human Nature’s Ceramide Skin-renewing Night Cream (P299.75; intro price of P249.75) does all that!

Formulated with plant-based ceramides, our night cream helps restore your skin barrier naturally while locking and sealing in moisture and boosting your skin renewal at night. This prevents your skin’s continuous wear and tear and brings out its healthy, moisturized glow in the day!

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Ceramides + MORE!

Not only is our night cream packed with skin-renewing ceramides, but it is also made with a powerful combo of natural moisture boosters!

These include our miracle worker sunflower oil which moisturizes and protects skin from radical damage, jojoba oil & esters which help soothe and moisturize skin, and aloe vera that’s packed with 15 vitamins and minerals to help keep skin hydrated, soothed, and supple.

Hey now, hey now – this is what dream skin is made of!

Make a vow to include ceramides in your skincare routine so you can wake up to healthy, glowing skin that’s beautifully renewed and repaired. Level up your nighttime skincare regimen with our Ceramide Skin-renewing Night Cream so you can confidently say that you #WokeUpLikeThis (even Beyonce approves)!

Get the glow that you deserve NOW!