Video: Stephen Curry blazes the floor with 51 points against Wizards!

Today’s match against the Washington Wizards was a good game for Stephen Curry — no, scratch that —  it was a GREAT game for Stephen Curry.

According to reports, Curry was a fiery menace, dunking 51 points in just under 36 minutes of floor time to beat the Wizards 134-121.

Curry made 11-of-16 3-point shots, tying his career-high and becoming the first player in NBA history to bag 11 triples on multiple occasions; he’s also the NBA’s leading scorer at 29.4 points per game.

The victory improves Golden State’s league-leading record to 45-4, keeping them one game ahead of the record set by the Chicago Bulls during their record-setting 72-win campaign.

Here’s the video of Chef Curry’s 51-point cooking show: