Vamp Up Your Style with Alt Manila

WHEN IN MANILA, one thing that I’ve learned is that a girl can never have too much bags, especially if it’s made out of extremely good quality. Since I spent my whole Christmas break obsessing over Carrie Bradshaw and her ridiculously awesome closet, she has been my ultimate fashion goddess. After all, no woman can ever represent strength, style, beauty, and femininity more than THE Carrie Bradshaw.


Since I fell in love with Carrie, I resolved to look for pieces that have what Carrie represents. Imagine my surprise when I discovered Alt Manila, a bag salon that houses such classic and timeless bags that have everything Carrie Bradshaw stands for: strength, style, beauty, and femininity among other things.


Among the ridiculously beautiful bags that I would gladly give space to in my already bursting closet, here are some of my favorites from Alt Manila.




This Folded Cabas Clutch from Alt Manila is so chic. I love barely there colors which I think makes a piece look more chic and timeless instead of looking like an it bag. So this almost nude Cabas Clutch is definitely one of my faves!




Alt Manila’s red Valise Cabas Tote is perfect for those ladies out there that want to look classy and chic without having to sacrifice having their essentials with them all the time.




Alt Manila’s black Valise Cabas Tote is just plain gorgeous! It has been less than a week since my much needed break from school. But after seeing this tote, I can’t wait for school to start again so I can start rocking this gorgeous bag all over campus.




What I love most about Alt Manila’s Folded Python Cabas Clutch is how it’s the perfect bag for those late night semi-formal events. But add the strap that comes along with it and voila! You’ve got the perfect bag for the shopping trip with mother dear.


During the six seasons of Sex and the City plus the two awesome fashion galore movies, I’ve seen Carrie Bradshaw’s style evolve. From the pink tutu she wore back when she was still finding her place in New York City to the white Halston Heritage jersey cocktail dress she wore in the opening scene of Sex and the City 2, she has managed to evolve from a sore thumb to  one of Manhattan’s most glamorous lady. And you can do just that with Alt Manila WHEN IN MANILA.





Alt Manila


Contact: 0915 510 8842


Visit: TopPicks Couture – S3130 3rd flr, Shoppesville Arcade, Greenhills Shopping Center

Details stores – TriNoma and Powerplant Mall (2F beside California Pizza Kitchen and Evita Peroni)












Vamp Up Your Style with Alt Manila