Valentine’s in August Blossoms Once Again

Two years removed from their last appearance on campus, The Ateneo Economic Association’s (AEA) premier event Valentine’s In August (VIA) is back to bring some smiles to the students of the Loyola schools, blossoming like never before. From October 17-21, expect to see rosy faces and flowery decor all-around campus as this week-long celebration returns to the Ateneo De Manila University, just a little later than usual.

VIA KV Revised

For those new to the scene, VIA is AEA’s annual project which aims to stimulate the feeling of love in a season that is not exactly what one would consider amorous. To compensate for the minimal sales in the month, the project purchases an abundance of flowers from local businesses and sells them on campus for people to buy and give to whomever, inside school premises. This in turn brings satisfaction to the consumers, and more importantly gives revenue support to a struggling sector, a main initiative of not only the event, but the organization at large, which rides on development. 


Let it be known as well that this is not just for those in an intimate relationship, but also for family, friends, and even strangers! VIA is, in all aspects, inclusive and accepting of all kinds of requests, so don’t be afraid to step up to the booth and make someone’s day/week. 


This program has been an Ateneo staple for more than 30 years, and it hopes to continue delivering not only roses and packages, but new-formed bonds and strengthened partnerships to everyone involved.