Make Your Valentine’s Day More Special This Year

Valentine’s Day is one of the special occasions that allow you to show your special someone just how much you love them. It’s a day to celebrate the love you have for each other and express your feelings in special ways.

This day is also special for newer couples who are still getting to know each other a bit better. Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to discover just how creative and romantic your new beau might be.

However, a Valentine’s Day date can be quite hard to plan. You’re either trying to beat what you did for your long-term partner last year or impress your new boyfriend or girlfriend by preparing a special date. To help you plan the best date for your SO, we’ll talk about the different date ideas for this year’s Valentine’s Day.


What to Do on Valentine’s Day for New Couples

There are many things you can do with your significant other when you decide to have your Valentine’s Day date in Manila. This city offers different activities and establishments that any couple, no matter their interests, will enjoy! This list is ideal for couples who haven’t been together for a long time and are still in the earlier stages of the relationship.

Eat Somewhere You Can Afford for Two

There is always that chance that you may have to pay for both of you. If you go somewhere very expensive on the first date, your date is going to expect this is normal for you to do. This will either make you very broke, or it will make you very broke AND inconsistent once you opt for a cheaper place. Go mid-level first; the next dates will then seem like “upgrades”.

Coffee/Choco, Not Beer

Ah, so dinner’s done. What’s the best way to cap off a Valentine’s Day date? Thinking of heading to a bar?

One thing: never go for alcohol, even if you think it will get you laid. See, we say stupid things when we’re tipsy, and this date is about being intelligent, not being an idiot.

You are not a pick-up artist. You are a gentleman/lady. You know, respectable individuals. So, instead of having a couple of drinks with your date, go to a café and get to know each other better over coffee or hot choco.

There is ALWAYS Something to Talk About

Most dates become boring affairs. Empty silences and blank stares happen too often. You may not like the same things, and neither of you may know this. However, there are three topics that ANYONE can relate to: a best friend, a favorite pet/book/thing, and most importantly, their name (its story, origin, why it sounds like an animal, etc).

Never Ever Hire a Limo

Here’s the thing: if you’re wealthy enough to hire a limo, shouldn’t you HAVE a limo? If you’re too poor to own one, you’re just being pretentious and causing misplaced expectations – which results in a reputation of inconsistency.

Date Ideas for Long-Term Couples

If you and your beau have been together for as long as you can remember, you may be running out of Valentine’s Date day ideas because you’ve already tried different activities and even restaurants over the course of your relationship. So, if you’re looking for something new and exciting for your special date this year, you need to spend more effort than usual.

One way to make your SO special on Valentine’s Day is by taking them on a quick getaway. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on this vacation because there’s a hidden gem right in Antipolo that you can visit.

Luljetta’s Bed and Breakfast is a hanging gardens spa and bed & breakfast, where you can book an overnight stay. This place offers a pool, complimentary breakfast, and access to the Hanging Gardens Spa and Loreland Resort, making it perfect for couples who want to spend Valentine’s Day away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

But if you want to stay in the city and have a quick date for Valentine’s Day, you can always go to a fine dining restaurant that serves Valentine’s-Day-inspired desserts. This will make your celebration special while keeping it simple.


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

If you’ve already been looking around for gift ideas for your significant other, you’re on the right track and you still have time. As you might know, it can be quite difficult to look for gifts for men—especially for Valentine’s Day.

Luckily, this list contains practical Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him in the Philippines. These items are not only easy to find but also things that your SO will definitely appreciate!

#1 Multi-tool

This multi-tool features up to 7 tools in just one handy gadget that you can easily fit in the pocket. It contains a flathead, bottle opener, two kinds of wrenches, Philips head, wire cutter, and a carabiner. If your man is always in need of particular tools such as a screwdriver or a wrench, he’ll definitely appreciate having all seven tools in his pocket.

#2 RFID Cardholder & Mini Wallet

If your man is known to carry around such a huge bulky wallet and is due for an upgrade, get him this cardholder & mini wallet. This slim wallet can hold up to 10 cards which are easily accessible through the easy slide-out mechanism. It also features a money clip for easy access to his bills. Now, he won’t have to walk around with such a bulky wallet in his pocket.

#3 Portable Desk Organizer

If he has lots of gadgets, cables, and accessories that he always needs to bring with him, your partner will appreciate this portable desk organizer. It has customizable dividers, storage for small items (such as memory cards and flash drives), and lots of space for a variety of accessories. It also works as a wireless charger! It’s the perfect gift for anyone who’s always on the go.

#4 Desk Mat

This desk mat will instantly revamp your SO’s workstation at home thanks to its stylish design and premium vegan leather material. It features a document hideaway for all of his loose papers and documents, a pen holder, plus a magnetic cable organizer to keep his table clean and clutter-free.



#5 Adhesive Laptop Stand

Another gift idea for him in the Philippines that will be a great addition to your beau’s home office is this adhesive laptop stand. It’s easy to attach to the bottom of the laptop and is convenient to use because it’s just right there under the computer. It also removes the bulk and hassle of bringing around a laptop stand if your boyfriend is always on the go. This virtually invisible laptop stand also comes in a variety of colors.

#6 6-in-1 Electric Grooming Set

This 6-in-1 electric grooming set is a must-have for your man, especially if he’s sporting a handsome beard. With 6 different interchangeable heads, this grooming kit can be used for a quick haircut, a beard trim, and even for trimming nose hairs.

#7 Smartwatch

This smartwatch is a great treat in case you’ve noticed that he doesn’t wear a watch. Aside from the minimalist and stylish design, the 11 sports modes, music controls, and heart monitoring features offer so much more than a regular watch!

#8 Car Trash Bin

Here’s a cool accessory for the car: a mini trash bin. This car trash can easily fits in the cup holders of any vehicle and features a press-to-open lid for easy access. The sleek and minimalist design is also sure to match the interiors of your SO’s car—perfect for keeping it clean and tidy.

#9 Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

If your beau spends a whole lot of time on the computer (whether working or gaming), he just might love this ergonomic vertical mouse. It helps prevent pain in the wrists and hands during prolonged computer usage thanks to its unique vertical design.

#10 Back Massager

Has your boyfriend been complaining of back pain because of long hours sitting in front of the computer? Get him this heavy-duty back massager! This back massager can be placed on his office chair for extra comfort while working. It can also be used on other parts of the body such as the neck, shoulders, and even legs.

#11 1L Water Bottle

This minimalist water bottle is a great gift for your man if he struggles with staying hydrated all day. It includes a rubber boot to prevent it from falling, a straw lid, and a paracord handle for portability and comes in a variety of elegant colors that he will definitely love.



#12 Heavy-Duty Power Bank

This heavy-duty power bank is a great option if your SO always runs out of battery when he’s out and about—whether it’s his phone or his computer. It has a 20000mAh capacity and can even charge laptops! Even with its capacity, it is still extra portable and easy to bring everywhere.


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

Celebrating Valentine’s Day in the Philippines means giving your girlfriend something special, whether it’s on the funny, thoughtful, romantic, or practical side. To make sure that she loves your gift idea, you should know what tickles her fancy. This would allow you to find a gift for her that she will truly appreciate.

Here are some creative Valentine’s Day gift ideas to serve as your inspiration:

#1 Government-Approved e-Cards

These witty e-cards made by Red Calayan have gone viral a few years back and for a good reason. He wrote, “Nothing says “I love you and I’m slightly aware of what’s happening in our country” like these Valentine’s e-cards! Print the cards or just Imelda cards, either way, your loved one is sure to appreciate them!”

Here are some of our favorites:

#2 Taylor Swift-Inspired Gifts

If your girlfriend is a certified Swiftie, you should find her gifts that allude to her favorite artist! Here are some Taylor Swift-inspired gifts for her for Valentine’s Day in the Philippines:

#3 Something Matching

Buying matching items for you and your girlfriend is a great way to show how committed you are to your relationship. It’s a great excuse to buy something for yourself, too!

You could also opt for matching keychains to go with your matching bags:

#4 An Unforgettable Date

There are many restaurants around Metro Manila and its surrounding cities that you can go to on Valentine’s Day. Each one has a unique theme that will make your day even more special:

  • NINYO Fusion Cuisine & Wine Lounge in Quezon City
  • Lemuria Gourmet Restaurant in Quezon City
  • Cafe Ysabel in San Juan City
  • Vieux Chalet in Antipolo


Celebrating Valentine’s Day in the Philippines

Valentine’s Day is often known as the day for people who are in a relationship. After all, there’s a reason it’s called hearts’ day.

The tips and ideas listed above should help you plan your date with your partner this coming Valentine’s Day. Use them as inspiration to make your SO feel special and extra loved.

On the other hand, you can still celebrate Valentine’s Day even if you’re single. Use this day as an excuse to treat and pamper yourself. Self-love should still be celebrated, right?