URGENT: Patient battling Lupus badly needs blood donors

We just received an urgent request to share a call for blood donation. Gia Garcia’s lupus has been attacking her kidneys to the point that it has 10% functionality. And now, it is also destroying her blood and her heart. She needs continual transfusions to see this through.

The call for help asks for either (1) Red Blood Cell donors of any blood type or (2) Platelet Apheresis donors who are male and whose blood type is A+. RBC donors may go as soon as possible to Manila Doctors Ermita Blood Bank. Platelet Apheresis donors should contact 0956 433 4579 to be part of the database.

Because the need for transfusions is constant, her family must have a database of qualified male (A+) donors who can be contacted UPON THE DAY orders for transfusion is given. The call for help explains that “RBCs are relatively easy to store and acquire. BUT platelet apheresis which is so crucial for her life is not stored in ANY hospital and is DISPOSED after 5 Days upon donation.”

Gia Garcia

Gia Garcia 3

The requirements for donors are as follows:

  • at least 110lbs/50kgs
  • in good health
  • at least 16 years old (minors will need parental consent)
  • not pregnant
  • at least 6 hours of sleep
  • no major illness
  • their last tattoo/piercing was at least 12 months ago; last alcohol intake was at least 24 hours ago
  • at least 3 months since last blood donation

Gia Garcia 2

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