Urban Orchard Cafe: Your New Go-To Cafe in Caloocan

If you grew up in Caloocan, chances are you had to leave to hang out, eat, or have fun. The Almendral family wanted to change that. They put up Urban Orchard Cafe to create a place where the community can meet and have good food. And while the cafe has only been open for three months, it is already recognized by students and young professionals as their go-to cafe for meet-ups and a place to work.

Urban Orchard Cafe is owned by the Almendral family and the cafe’s name came from them because Almendral actually translates to Almond Orchard. They take pride in their food, which is made fresh daily from scratch. Here are seven picks you need to try:


Tapa – P135

A Filipino breakfast favorite, Urban Orchard Cafe does it right with tapa that comes from a certified Bulacan farm. Urban Orchard Cafe has two amazing chefs who graduated from Anihan and Habihan Techinal Schools and who strongly believe in quality education. Thus, they offer culinary scholarships to inspiring young women.


3-Cheese Pizza – P170


Carbonara – P130

If you want something different from the Filipino rice meals, you need to try their Carbonara and their 3-Cheese Pizza. These two dishes are favorites among the yuppies because they’re good, fill you up, and don’t break the bank 😉 It’s also great that the serving time is pretty fast. I only waited about 5-10 minutes for everything. That timeframe will definitely put a smile on anyone hangry person’s face.


(L-R) Chocolate Chip Cookies P20.00, Banana Cupcake P35.00, Ube Crinkles P20.00, Chocolate Crinkles P15.00, Cinnamon Roll P35.00

Urban Orchard Cafe’s desserts are considered to be their bestsellers. These desserts are baked fresh everyday in batches of 100s. In fact, these sweet bites are such a hit that the cafe needs to bake them up to 5x a day just to catch up with the demand. If you need help choosing which dessert to try first, go for their Chocolate Chip Cookies. These cookies were a major hit during the Christmas season when it was being ordered in boxes to be given as gifts!


Cafe Mocha – P100

The cafe’s coffee doesn’t disappoint, either! Being a brewed coffee kind of girl, Cafe Mocha has been my go-to coffee drink when I want a break from my usual black coffee. Urban Orchard Cafe makes sure to serve only the best and promises to keep their beans fresh every week. Their Cafe Mocha has the perfect blend of coffee and chocolate for a good afternoon pick-me-up.


Tale of Two Choco Frappe – P135, Strawberry Ice Blend – P125

Their Tale of Two Choco frappe is a favorite drink for students after school. It’s a blend of dark chocolate and white chocolate that pairs well with coffee so you can get the best of both worlds in one cup – perfect for a hot afternoon! If you’re wondering what to get for your kid, their Strawberry ice blend is the top choice for children.

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If you live in Caloocan or happen to be nearby, make sure to drop by Urban Orchard Cafe. You won’t be disappointed! 😉

Urban Orchard Cafe

104 9th Street corner 12th Avenue, East Grace Park, Caloocan