UPMOrg Dedicates Acoustic Event For Minority Group LAKBAYAN



“I guess the reason why I call you X isn’t because your presence is wrong, rather, because your absence defines what it is to be alone. It’s plain to see you’ll always be my asymptotic misery; close enough to touch but forever out of reach.

I digress; I’ll place my bets one last time as I walk once more down the line, looking for a sign that you’ll come around. And maybe, just maybe, if the universe can hear me, then just maybe it’ll be you and me on this one night. Dear X, will you be my plus one?


THE University of the Philippines-Manila Musicians’ Organization (UP MOrg) is holding an acoustic event on November 11, 2016 at 888 Vibers Bar, and a percentage of the proceeds is going to LAKBAYAN, an organization that aids in the struggles of our nation’s minority groups. In line with this, the theme of this year’s event is “MOrg Lite 11: Dear X, Will You Be My Plus One.”

The Musicians’ Organization (MOrg) of the University of the Philippines-Manila is a university-based organization which focuses on promoting musical consciousness among the members and general public through cause-oriented projects.

The event is expecting an audience turnout of 250 attendees not only from UPM but also guests from nearby places. MOrg Lite is an annual event by UP MOrg that features an array of homegrown UP Manila bands that take pride in their musical talent and skill.

Tickets are priced at Php 200 which already comes with a complimentary drink.For further questions and ticket reservations,you may contact Nell Rupa at 0977 095 0125 or email UP MOrg at officialupmorg@gmail.com