Upgrade Your Summer Look with SXY

What happens when you cross sophisticated femininity with clever and sultry designs? You get SXY, a proudly-Filipino brand inspired by New York fashion sense, now available in limited collections. 

SXY – Luxe Swimwear, Resort, and Intimates Brand

Having recently launched its capsule collection called, “Hey There, SXY”, the collection features skin-baring yet refined and classy pieces that bring out the inner provocateur. Inspired mostly by geometric structures and strong, rakish angles, the collection features clean lines and silhouettes that create a new point of reference in flattering and stylish wear. 


SXY is made for smart, sartorially-savvy women with an eye for top quality and beautiful designs. SXY wants you to not just feel sexy, but to be glam, flirty, and fun at the same time. 


SXY is the brainchild of two fashion-forward girlfriends, LA Ferriols and Mia Crespo. The two took up courses in fashion styling and brand management at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and weekly coffee hangouts and late-night dinners turned into the foundation of creating and launching the brand we know as SXY. The two are heavily inspired by the outspoken designs and unapologetically sexy style of Australian brand Zimmermann. 

SXY Hell Yeah

…women can express whoever it is they want to be, and feel utmost confidence in doing so. It’s this that motivates us to work hard and create something that celebrates women – their beauty, strength, and personality, everyday.

– LA Ferriols

LA and Mia are also heavily influenced by the New York fashion culture, the philosophy that not only made them the best of friends, but business partners as well.

Come Play

We hope that one day, every Filipino will be wearing a SXY design, and become synonymous with the brazen Filipina style.

– Mia Crespo

What you need to know:

  • SXY is available online. 
  • Limited pieces per design, and pre-orders are welcome. 
  • Delivery takes 1-2 days (Manila), and 3-5 working days (provincial); additional 3-5 production days for pre-orders.


You can order through the SXY Viber number (+639065636724) or through email at shopsxy@gmail.com.

Follow SXY on Instagram at @heysxy_, or through the hashtag #SXYbabe. For more updates, make sure to subscribe to facebook.com/shopsxy.


SXY – Luxe Swimwear, Resort, and Intimates Brand


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