Upgrade Your Bathroom With These Awesome Products

Home renovations are all the rage right now. If you happen to have the budget to spare to completely renovate your bathroom or if you simply want to upgrade certain components of it, here are 5 products you might want to look into to turn your bathroom into a sanctuary all on its own.

Upgrade Your Bathroom With These Awesome Products

Smart Trash Can

A smart trash can is small enough to suit any bathroom and is cute to boot. It has automatic sensors that can automatically sense when someone is about to throw something away so you can keep your hands clean and ensure you don’t have to touch the lid or any components of the garbage can at any time. Buy this smart trash can now while it’s on sale at 57% off!

Vanity Mirror

Do you do your beauty regimens in your bathroom? Maybe it’s time to start doing so if you don’t. With this vanity mirror, you are sure to always be in the mood to prettify yourself or complete your morning and evening skincare routines every day. You can start shooting videos with this, too. It has an adjustable brightness to suit your needs, as well as a brightness memory function so you don’t have to keep finding the perfect brightness level for you. Buy this vanity mirror now while it’s on sale at 44% off!

eufy Smart Scale

Looking for a Smart scale to amp up your fitness and health game, and finally reach your goals? This smart scale can measure your weight, body fat, BMI, bone mass, muscle mass, and more so you can keep track of your health and fitness goals and know when you’re hitting them or not. Buy this smart scale now while it’s at 25% off!

Non-Electric Bidet

Bidets are better than toilet paper – that’s just a fact. Non-electric bidets, in particular, are more efficient at cleaning, will make your bathroom look better, allow you to control the water pressure, and are more accurate in cleaning sensitive areas. Como is a Japanese-inspired non-electric bidet that is now available in the Philippines. Check them out here.

Kohler INNATE Intelligent Toilet

The ultimate upgrade to any bathroom, Kohler’s INNATE Intelligent Toilet will definitely amplify your bathroom experience. Not only does it look incredibly good with its minimalist and sleek silhouette, but it also comes with a ton of convenient features, like lights that turn on in the dark, an automatic flush, automatic raising and lowering of the seat, bidet wand sanitization that kills over 99% of germs, and an LED touch screen so you can control the seat, flush, temperature, massage function, dryer, and deodorizer with ease. Find out more about this awesome product here.

What has your latest bathroom upgrade been?

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