UPDATE: A Day of Fun For The Homeless Kids of Iloilo

A month ago, we wrote an article about Ronna Kate Pinuela’s Facebook trend challenge addressed to Carlo’s Bakery Cafe for the benefit of 50 homeless children in Iloilo. (Read the article here.)

Fortunately, the post gained over 83,000 reactions, 9,000 comments and 1,000 shares.

And so, last October 30, 2016, Ronna and Carlo’s Bakery Cafe organized a day of fun for the homeless children. They also uploaded a post-event video on Facebook to share how successful the event was and to thank everyone who had been part of the challenge.

As seen on the video, the bakeshop did not only give breads to 50 children, as specified on the agreement. They actually put up an event for 130 kids. The program included free lunch, games, activities and a magic show.

It was a truly inspiring and heart-warming movement.

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