TRENDING: 1,000 Likes, Shares and Comments for Less Fortunate Children of Iloilo

Have you seen the trend online wherein people ask brands for products in exchange of a certain number of social media reactions and engagements?

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Well, here’s a challenge far different from the rest.

Ronna Kate Pinuela, a Marketing Management graduate, asked Carlo’s Bakery Cafe to feed 50 homeless children of Iloilo in exchange of a thousand of likes, shares and comments.

“I wanted to change the perspective of people with regards to this trend and most especially, continue my passion of helping street children. My mom is a cancer patient and she would rather give back to the people than undergo further chemo cause she believes this is her mission in life and I’ll always be here to support her.”, said Ronna when asked what inspired her to do this challenge.

Fortunately, her post reached over 35,000 likes, 4,800 comments and 1,000 shares.

Ronna and the management of Carlo’s Bakery Cafe will meet on the 26th of October to plan and polish the event which will happen on November. They are also looking for more sponsors in order to help more less fortunate children.

What do you think of this challenge? Would you do the same for our less fortunate brothers and sisters? Tell us in the comments.