Out of All of the Upcoming iPhones, I am Most Excited for the iPhone 12 Mini

There has been a huge trend in big smartphones within the last few years. Everything was “bigger and better”, and a lot of people were amazed and happy about it. I wasn’t one of them. Having tiny hands, big smartphones weren’t something I particularly enjoyed having. While eating or out drinking or even when simply holding something in one hand, I always had a hard time navigating through big phones with my other hand.

So when Apple unveiled its upcoming iPhone 12 this week, the iPhone 12 Mini instantly caught my eye…

and my heart. I know a lot of people look down on Apple products nowadays, but what can I say?

Apple products just fit my lifestyle more and make things more convenient. Let’s not get into that, though.

The iPhone 12 Mini will be the smallest flagship iPhone in the market since 2014’s iPhone 6 (which I personally already found a bit too big for my hands), and tech experts say it could become a big hit with women. And I totally agree! After all, here I am, already planning on getting one.

iPhone 12 mini

Ben Wood of CCS Insight says the iPhone 12 Mini is big news for him. “After years of phones getting progressively bigger, Apple is reversing the trend by offering a flagship product in a smaller package. I think it’ll be a hugely popular move,” he states. “Where Apple goes, others follow; and I expect all rivals to make similar moves over the next 12 months.”

Like the other iPhones in the series, the iPhone 12 Mini will offer significant improvements in terms of processing speed, display quality, and camera quality (particularly in low light). It will also be using a new glass technology called CeramicShield to reduce the screen’s “smashability”, as well as squared-off edges that will make even the iPhone 12 Mini’s screen as big as that of the iPhone 6 Plus.

The iPhone 12 Mini will also support 5G, making it the smallest, thinnest, and lightest 5G phone in the world. That aside, another plus is the fact that it will cost less than the other iPhones in the series. Prices are set to start at $729 (around Php35,500) for the 64GB model.

Will you be getting any of the new iPhones when they come out?

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