UP Chemical Engineering Society Presents Students’ National Engineering Conference 2022

The UP Chemical Engineering Society Incorporated presents to you this year’s Students’ National Engineering Conference, or SNCEC, now going on 12 years strong. As the organization’s flagship event, and one of the biggest student-organized chemical engineering events in the Philippines, the SNCEC aims to connect chemical engineering students from all over the country and share with them the organization’s goal of holistic development.

First of the three SNCEC events this year is the National Chemical Engineering Symposium, or NACHES. To be held as a series of four webinars, this (free) two-day symposium intends to immerse aspiring chemical engineers into the current advancements, innovations, and challenges of a particular industry. Now on its 12th cycle, NACHES 2021 spotlights the field of Food Processing and Production, wherein various experts are set to discuss the significance of chemical engineers in the food chain, especially amidst a global pandemic. With 276 zoom participants and 200 livestream viewers on its last iteration, NACHES is certainly an event you must not miss out! This event will be held over 2 days, January 29 and 30, 2022.

UP Chemical Engineering Society Presents Students’ National Engineering Conference 2022

Next on the list is the Students’ Chemical Engineering Networking Event or SCENE which aims to provide participants with a chance to meet and interact with engineers and company representatives from various Chemical Engineering Industries, including Food Production, Pharmaceuticals, Petroleum & Energy, and Manufacturing. With over 30 participating companies last year, this could be an opportunity for students to have a glimpse of diverse career options in Chemical Engineering. This event will be held over 3 days, from January 29 to 31, 2022.

Of the three subevents of the SNCEC, those with a competitive spirit may find the Inter-University Chemical Engineering Quiz Show, or Inter-U, to be quite interesting. The Inter-U is a nationwide quiz bee competition designed to test the knowledge and proficiency of chemical engineering students in their course and in related fields. This year, the Inter-U has come back better (and safer) than ever with its first-ever online, virtual implementation. With 15 participating universities in 2019, this year’s Inter-U is bound to showcase the greatest/finest/best. Don’t miss your chance to be the next Inter-U champion and sign up now! This competition will take place on February 6, 2022.

The full timeline for the event can be seen below:

UP Chemical Engineering Society Presents Students’ National Engineering Conference 2022

If you are interested in any of the SNCEC events, sign up now at www.sncec.upkem.org