UP ASTERISK: Nananaginip nang Gising Cultural Night Recap

Plagpul is a homegrown three-piece band led by UP ASTERISK alumnus Pol Torrente on bass. The two other members are Jay Jamoralin on guitar and Peter Panelo on drums. Originally made up of protest artists, Plagpul’s comedy rock styling and lyrics are known in the local activism scene to be rife with socio-political commentary, usually focusing on status quo. Currently, the band has one album and an EP: Buy One, Thank One and Indie (Kikita), respectively.” (taken from UP Asterisk)


Plagpul (By Jeremy Agsawa)


Slow Hello is a four-piece indie rock band, with Selena Salang as its songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist. They got us swaying our heads and tapping our feet as they played their melodic pop tracks, like Cold Turkey. Slow Hello is releasing their full-length debut this year under Number Line Records.


Slow Hello (By Koji Arsua)
Slow Hello


The Strangeness describes their music as ‘lo-budge, narco, psychedelic, punk n’ soul.’ Having only 5 members present (instead of 7!), they had a stripped-down garage performance that night. But that didn’t hinder them from having a good gig. Everybody sang along as The Strangeness played the crowd’s favorite, Being Sober Is Such A Drag. Truthfully!


The Strangeness (By Koji Arsua)
The Strangeness


Wilderness is, simply put, a noise barrage. Like all the other bands, Wilderness tried to tone down their amplifiers because the neighbors were requesting them to. However, their ‘bombastic love explosion’ of percussion and strings still got everybody banging their heads along. The audience even took part during their last song when they handed out maracas, tambourines, and other noise-makers.


Wilderness (By Jeremy Agsawa)


UP UGAT or Ugnayan ng Manunulat is one of the major writing organizations in the University for young literature students and enthusiasts.  Founded in August 2000 by students of Sertipiko sa Malikhaing Pagsulat sa Filipino, the org aims to provide a welcoming venue for discourses and criticism, and to engage young minds in taking pride in their works. UGAT has been known to conduct workshops, poetry readings, and other events within and outside UP Diliman.” (taken and translated from UP Ugat’s Facebook page)


UP Ugat (By Koji Arsua)
UP Ugat


Other musical performers of the night were Ciudad Tribu, Sheenola, Super Lolo, TABAKK, The Jeffrey Zulueta Experience, and The Oemons. Gerilya and Justin Piñon also shared their artistry and talents during the night.


When in Manila congratulates UP ASTERISK for a very successful ‘kult’ night! Until next year! Special thanks to Stefan Punongbayan for inviting us! Photos by Jeremy Agsawa and Koji Arsua.



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UP ASTERISK: Nananaginip nang Gising Cultural Night Recap