UP ASTERISK: Nananaginip nang Gising Cultural Night Recap


When in Manila partnered with one of the University of the Philippines College of Arts and Letters’ organizations, UP ASTERISK, as they held their yearly cultural night. Check out these photos and some of the bands who made everyone’s night awesome.


UP ASTERISK (By Jeremy Agsawa)
The happy people of UP ASTERISK


Just last Friday, March 1, Conspiracy bar in Visayas, Quezon City experienced a pandemonium of great raw music, live art and poetry, and awesome people asĀ UP Asterisk celebrated their 7th anniversary. Everyone in the party enjoyed their beers and the company of their friends. Everyone was in the state of ‘nananaginip nang gising.’


Nikko, Koji (also WIM writers), and I sat in front of the compressed stage of Conspiracy. Drinking our beers, we witnessed how UP ASTERISK‘s youth spend their night in high spirits. Nothing beats college life, indeed! Read on to see are the artists who performed that night!