Up and Coming K-Pop Group ‘RaNia’ Soon to Set Manila’s Stage on Fire!

When in Manila,  it isn’t surprising for K-pop-crazy-Pinoy fans to be familiar with 2ne1 (of course! It’s Sandara Park’s group hello), Girls’ Generation, 4minute, and Wondergirls. But have any of you heard the group “RaNia”? They may be newcomers in the music industry. But with their catchy music, sassy looks and raw talent, they are slowly gaining recognition in Korea and other parts of the globe. And now, they are coming to Manila to introduce themselves to the Filipino audience!


For those who do not know them yet, “RaNia” stands for “Regeneration Idol of Asia”. It’s a K-pop girl group made up of 8 members: Saem, Riko, Jooyi, Di, Joy, T-ae, and Xia, and the newest addition, Lee-Jo. Six of the members are Korean, one is Thai, and the other is Korean-Japanese. Reportedly, the girls can speak five languages: English, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and Korean (Yay! No language barriers for us!Whew~)

Prior to their emergence in the music scene, the girls were trained to stardom for four years. They are closely working with American Producer Teddy Riley who has also worked with influential artists such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Lady Gaga. Their debut single is “Dr. Feel Good”, which by the way has two versions. (They made an edited version of THIS video because they say it wouldn’t make the cut in Korea. Go ahead, check it out 😉 )

(Youtube Video credit: PMGASIA)

Sources told that their MV has drawn criticisms in Korea because of its raunchy choreography. But personally, I think it’s not too ‘inappropriately sexy’. I think their image can be likened to the new Miley Cyrus (or even ‘tamer’ lol).

TBH, I’m impressed with the way they move their body. These girls can dance! Their gyrating hip movements might seem a little more liberal compared to most K-pop girl groups (at least for this MV), but I think the Filipino audience can handle the heat!

I’ve yet to appreciate the vocal talent of these girls but from their MV, I say it’s good. Eventually, I may be able to figure out their edge from the rest of the K-pop girl groups.

So why don’t you see for yourself what RaNia can bring to the floor? Buy a ticket for you and your friends for the upcoming RaNia First Asian concert in Manila! And on September 20, head over to Star Theater (located on Star City, CCP Complex, Roxas Blvd Malate) and brace yourself for the newest wave of Kpop!

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